Lawyers preparing cases for trial have always needed the services of highly skilled private investigators. The investigation team at W.I.S. has been assisting law firms since 1994, by providing complete and thorough investigations along with detailed reports, still photographs and surveillance footage. With the accumulation of information through our intelligence gathering and surveillance services, you can make the decisions necessary to effectively deal with your legal concerns.

  • Insurance Claims
  • Video Surveillance
  • Locates
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Background Investigations
  • Financial Checks
  • Process Serving


At W.I.S., we utilize sophisticated techniques that combine state-of-the-art surveillance equipment with proven methods. Our discreet team of male and female investigators is experienced in conducting mobile, on-site and covert surveillance.

As the owners, we oversee every file from beginning to end. Unlike other firms who assign a file to one investigator who is responsible for the file and expected to complete it alone, we select the most suitable investigator to handle the file each day based on changing circumstances. We also set a surveillance schedule that is most advantageous for the file. In addition, we have the ability to exchange investigators and surveillance units during the course of surveillance or to send an additional investigator to assist when required. We, the owners, are in constant communication with our investigators throughout the investigation.
Furthermore, we provide a complete surveillance program supported by secured video film, still photographs and a detailed narrative report. All of our video, including indoor film, includes a date and time stamp and is recorded in digital format. For more information or to request a sample report and DVD, please contact us.